Prostitiution in Benin City – Sex Workers aka Runs Girls Lay Ground Rules of 20K A Night as Minimum Wage ! » Super Wordpress

Runs Girls aka slay queens in benin city have laid ground rules of 20thousand naira for Solicited Sex .This is minus Hotel and Entertainment Bills .

This is because of the rising costs of living in Benin City . A city well known for Darkness No Electricity and an equally thriving night life .

Many of these young ladies augment their income with day jobs as hairdressers boutique shop owners and makeup artists and Night Club Promo Escorts  .

Many Pretend to be University Students from Uniben AAU & BIU  but most Are From the Eastern Part of The Country and are easily found out by their lack of diction and uncouth atitudes  belying Uni Undergrads . A Source claimed they are mostly uni students who have either dropped out or are just using University Campuses as their Point of Contact for Customers

Slaughter houses like Digital Lounge Of ihama Road  Aso Time Groove Rehab Lounge and Royal Marble   are well known  hideouts for these Clandestine Activities of The Ladies of The Nite and their Willing Male Counterparts

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