NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh begins to lay out minority scenario conditions

NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh has started to lay down some of the conditions his party would want to see met in exchange for supporting another party in a minority Parliament scenario.

"I'm running to be prime minister. But whether I am prime minister, leader of the Opposition or holding the balance of power, this is what the NDP will ensure the next government delivers for people," he said in the shadow of Parliament Hill this morning.

"For any government that is formed, whatever Canadians choose, these are the six things that we're going to ask them to take very seriously. These are the six things that we're going to sit down and say, 'We need action on these things, otherwise we're not going to be able to move ahead.'"

According to CBC's Poll Tracker, the Liberals and Conservatives are neck-and-neck nationwide, with the most likely outcome at this point being a minority government[1].

Singh ruled out working with the Conservatives in response to comments Leader Andrew Scheer made against same-sex marriage during a debate in the House of Commons nearly 15 years ago — so his party's list of conditions is directed at Justin Trudeau's Liberals.

Singh said any negotiations with another party would have to include:

  • A national, single-payer universal pharmacare plan.
  • A national dental care plan.
  • Investments in housing.
  • A plan to waive interest on student loans.
  • A commitment to reduce emissions, to end subsidies for oil companies and to deliver aid to oilpatch workers to transition them out of fossil fuel industries.
  • The introduction of a "super wealth" tax and a commitment to closing tax loopholes.
  • Reducing cellphone bills.

Singh still urged Canadians to vote as many New Democrats into the House of Commons as possible on Oct. 21.

"I want you to vote for hope. I want you to vote because you believe in something. I want you to vote for something, not vote against something. Vote for something you believe in," he said.

"I want you to know you do not have to settle."

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