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Hollywood seems to have decided that it’s time for a little R&R, and boy are they doing it right. Whether it’s ditching the glam squad for a day, jamming out with friends, or going on a trip, the stars know how maintain a proper work-life balance, and their commitment to chilling out is something we should all aspire to. They might be famous, but they like to kick back the same ways we all do. Which best represents how you’d like to spend your long weekend?

Britney Spears shares three makeup-free selfies

Can we all agree that Britney looks amazing, always? Good. And the fact that she’s sharing these pre-glam pics (and duck-facing her way through all of them) just goes to show that she takes her role model status seriously. Rock on, Brit.

Heidi Klum and Mel B belt out a classic Spice Girls jam on the way to the VMAs

The thing that makes or breaks competition shows like America’s Got Talent is the chemistry between the judges, and it’s clear that Heidi and Mel are getting along famously. It’s made even better the fact that they’re singing Mel’s breakthrough song.

Chrissy Teigen needs a little extra support taking the plunge in Corsica

It’s been well established that Chrissy Teigen is the closest a supermodel can get to being an everywoman. What hasn’t been established is her affinity for pool noodles, which is just another reason why everyone ever should want to be her BFF.

John Boyega shakes it with dancers at Notting Hill Carnival

Judging by the caption, John was slightly overwhelmed with the… uh… extravagance of the event, which, to be fair, happens to the best of us. If only the video quality was a bit better, so we could really see if John’s got moves.

Elizabeth Banks and Justin Theroux take fake ’80s prom pictures together

The eighties were a very strange time for fashion, and “strange” is putting it nicely. However, Justin and Elizabeth are rocking the teased hair and braces like champs. It’s almost like they haven’t aged a day. Oh, wait…

The winner of the Game of Thrones is revealed

And it’s Zac Efron. Was there ever any doubt? The man has bopped his way to top. His head is in the game. It’s the start of something new, and he’s going his own way. What time is it? Wintertime. Bet on it.

Blake Lively celebrates her 30th birthday with lots and lots of baked goods

There’s something about this post that is so endearing, and it’s probably because of the DIY scrapbook-like way that Blake has Photoshopped in the flowers and goodies from her party. Here’s to another 30 years of greatness, Blake!

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