The best ‘90s styles that are coming back in a big way

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If you weren’t a fan of ‘90s fashion the first time around, we’ve got some bad news for you. Like when the ‘80s came back in the early 2010s, 2018 is welcoming in the ‘90s. With all the revivals we’re seeing, how could you expect anything less?

Before you start having an inflatable couch-sized panic attack, things aren’t going to be exactly the same this time around. Most of the trends that were hot in the ‘90s are back in essence but with a modern twist that tones down the cringe factor by a few degrees. So dig out your Lip Smackers gloss and Blockbuster card, we’re going back.

Hair accessories

We’ve been doing a whole lot of natural hair lately – which has been pretty fabulous – but it’s time to augment what you’ve got with the hair accessories we already know and love. We’re talking scrunchies, Invisibobbles, stretch combs and barrettes. Why did we ever let scrunchies go? They’re soft on your hair, rarely get tangled and don’t leave a kink in your mane when you take them out.

In the ‘90s, you might have had these babies in bright patterns and vibrant solids, but this time around, they’re a little tamer. Scrunchies in neutral colours with simple patterns are all the rage. Velvet scrunchies are also big, because that’s back too apparently.


Remember the Christina Aguilera/Britney Spears/Spice Girls makeup looks of the ‘90s? The lipgloss and blue eyeshadow trends are back with a little twist. Don’t worry, we’re not slathering our eyelids in blue and walking around with wet-looking lips this time around. Nude lipglosses and blue accents are today’s homage to the classic trends. Need more convincing than that? Kim Kardashian is doing it so it must be cool.


What are you supposed to keep your priceless scrunchies and lipgloss in? A Caboodle[1], of course. Not only is the nifty cosmetics case back with modern styles, the company recently released a retro collection[2] with bold ‘80s colours and prints (which were totally still cool in the early ‘90s).

If you still need convincing, Jonathan Van Ness from Queer Eye used them on the show and his word goes when it comes to trends.

Tiny glasses

Admittedly, it’s unlikely this trend will stick around for long, but for the moment, those thin glasses from The Matrix are making a comeback. Obviously they’re not great for keeping the sun out of your eyes and they’ll give you an awful goggle-looking tan if you actually wear them outside, but if you really want to dress like you walked off a runway, these are the way to do it. We would recommend finding cheap ones online instead of investing in anything too expensive. It’s unclear how long channeling your inner Keanu will be cool.

Fanny Packs

You knew this one was coming. Fanny packs aren’t just for vacationing dads anymore. They were once cool for the younger generation and now they’re back. If you’re concerned about figuring out how to rock your old neon fanny pack, there are a lot more modern (and even designer) options out there. A black leather pack doesn’t look too bad at all.

You have to admit it, they might have a bad rap now, but the fanny pack is a convenient way to carry things – especially a cell phone. It’s like a tiny backpack that puts zero strain on your shoulders. You might hate them on principle, but they have a legitimate function.


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