The top 5 sneakers making us look forward to spring

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Though it may not look or feel like it, spring is indeed here. And while pesky surprise snowfall seems to be an April norm, that doesn’t mean we aren’t already dreaming of park hangs and the hint of ankle that is bound to appear in the upcoming weeks. So as we patiently await for temperatures to hit double digits, here’s a list of our favourite sneakers we can’t wait to trade-in our sad, salt-stained winter boots for.


The sporty, sleek aesthetic of the Asics HyperGEL-KENZEN ($130 at Footlocker)[2] has got us hooked. Not only are they made with high performance HyperGEL (patented breathable gel cushioning positioned midsole for maximum comfort), the sneaker feels at home paired both with sweats at the gym or with a blazer and cropped pants at the office. That’s versatility for you. Don’t believe us? Here’s proof:

Allbirds women’s tree skipper[3]

The lightest shoes on the block, Allbirds women’s tree skippers ($135 at Allbirds[4]) are made with eucalyptus tree fibre, making their overall environmental impact 17 times smaller than shoes made with traditional materials. Not only does the construction of the sneaker help your foot stay cool, they’re so soft you can go sockless.

PUMA Phenom lux[5]

Leave it to Selena Gomez to make a sneaker look oh-so-fashionable. And though we’re always fans of the ever popular Fenty by Rihanna[6], these Phenom Lux sneakers ($140 at Puma[7]) deserve just as much love. Not only do these clean, white kicks (with a gold anklet naturally) look ultra-cool, proceeds go towards the Lupus Research Alliance.

Vans UltraRange [8]

You’ve likely seen the Old Skool[9] on everyone and their mother. Who can blame ’em? They’re a classic. And while we’re fans of the old standby, Vans is changing it up with their new UltraRange line ($110 at Vans[10]). Made with athletes in mind, Vans’ latest offering features more cushioning, strong grip and a responsive fit — all in the classic Vans style we’ve come to know and love.

Native Shoes 2.0 Jefferson Liteknit[11]

Lazy shoelace tie-ers rejoice, Jefferson Liteknits ($100 at Native Shoes[12]) give you the look of shoelaces with the comfort of a slip-on shoe. Made with an elasticized Liteknit upper, slip in and out of these babies with ease. The chic and simple design will match with basically everything, and best of all, they come in six different colours.


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