This luxury basics brand will make you feel good about spending your money

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These days, throwaway fashion basics are way too common. True, it’s hard to resist the temptation of a $5 dollar tee, but do you ever find yourself questioning how it was made, and what corners were cut in order for the shirt to be priced so incredibly low[1]?

With worker welfare being being more and more of a concern (and rightfully so), as well as knowing how flimsy some fast-fashion items can be, we are all looking for better options for our closets, and well, our planet. But what do you do when you want beautiful, well-made, ethical basics that don’t cost an arm and a leg? Consider Kotn[2].

Not only is the Canadian brand made with the softest Egyptian cotton grown in the Nile Delta, but the company is ethical and affordable too. According the label’s website, the cotton they use (also known as Egypt’s “white gold”) is finer, softer and more breathable than any other fabric. In recent years however, as big box retailers opt for cheaper options, there has been a steady decline in its demand. As a result, many farmers, weavers and craftspeople in the region are without steady employment.

That’s where Kotn comes in. Noticing a gap in the market for good quality, simple yet affordable essentials, the brand works directly with these farmers and makers to create beautiful direct-to-consumer pieces.

“We make our own fabrics from raw cotton bought direct from farmers at guaranteed prices. Like farm-to-table, but for your clothes. Our cotton is then sent to our cut-and-sew factory outside Alexandria. The responsibly-run operation employs locals, securing their craft and their livelihood. By scrapping the middleman, we’ve ensured a fair wage for them, and an honest price for you.”

Even better, for the entire month of April, Kotn is having its very first sale. For every dollar saved, the brand will match and donate towards building a third school in Egypt for the children of their cotton farmers. The sale[3] runs until the end of April, with savings up to 40 per cent off. Our top pick is the cropped sweatshirt[4] ($45, marked down from $75) and culotte sweatpants[5] ($54, marked down from $90) which are the perfect mix of comfort and chic. Sweats have never felt — or looked — so good. For those based in Toronto who prefer to shop brick and mortar, you can also visit their 754 Queen Street West store.


People who want upscale, ethically sourced, quality cotton pieces at a fair price. No more throwaway fashion.


Starting at $19 for a scoop tee[6] (regular price $30). $11 of the sale of the tee goes towards building a school for the children of cotton farmers.




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