Fashion Wins: The Best Celebrity Looks of July

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Melanie C (Sporty Spice) smiles from the camera at Wimbledon wearing a bright orange blazer with matching shirts and a white t-shirt.

It’s safe to say summer is in full swing, and we can’t stop gushing over the celebs bringing their sunny threads front and centre across red carpets and busy city streets. As July begins, we’ll be sure to bask in the warmth of more bright colours, intricate patterns and show-stopping styles that make the thought of winter feel so far away it might as well never show its icy face again!

While June was jam-packed with Hollywood events like the MTV Movie and TV Awards, Tony Awards, and BET Awards — July takes on a much calmer tone with zero award shows in tow. But who says you need a ceremony to show off your best look? Not celebs! They treat every day like their private runway, and we are cool with just sitting back to see how it all takes shape. So whether you’re searching for mid-summer style inspo or simply love the gratification of a deep celebrity scroll — we’ll be here to show you the best of the stylish best, week after week.

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Kate Beckinsale poses at an event wearing a silver shimmering evening gown with full sleeves and diamond details down the chest.
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Kate Beckinsale, July 4, 2022 

Has there ever been an outfit Kate Beckinsale didn’t look stunning in? The answer is no — she looks great in everything she wears, including this sliver shimmery evening gown. The actress attended the National Film Awards in London, England, looking like her very own trophy, and that’s something to be proud to put on display. 

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Daisy-Edgar Jones poses at a Wimbledon event wearing a silk yellow slip dress with simple beige strappy sandals.
Getty Images

Daisy Edgar-Jones, July 3, 2022

Where the Crawdads Sing star Daisy Edgar-Jones left her mark at The Championships, Wimbledon by keeping things simple and elegant. She selected a sunny Ralph Lauren slip dress while attending the Polo Ralph Lauren and British Vogue event and there is not one thing this summer minimalist look is missing.

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Issa Rae smiles for the camera at an event wearing an unbuttoned silk orange long sleeve with a bikini top underneath and matching loose pants.
Getty Images

Issa Rae, July 1, 2022 

Writer, director and actress Issa Rae gave us the most while attending the Essence Festival of Culture. Her relaxed matching silk suit stunned in the perfect shade of orange — it made day pyjamas a whole vibe. Plus, we love a look that can take us from business to the beach on any given day.

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Melanie C (Sporty Spice) smiles from the camera at Wimbledon wearing a bright orange blazer with matching shirts and a white t-shirt.
Getty Images

Melanie C, June 30, 2022 

Sporty Spice looked bright and classy in a matching shirt and blazer outfit as she attended day four of Wimbledon. The popular sporting event is regarded as the oldest tennis tournament in the world, but its prestigious reputation calls for the utmost taste in fashion. We feel confident saying Mel C served this look right out of the court.

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Sofia Carson poses for the camera wearing a white dress with a light red floral pattern. The top of the dress has large ruffles that cover her shoulders and neck.
Getty Images

Sofia Carson, June 29, 2022

Singer and actress Sofia Carson looked beyond stunning as she posed for photos during Taormina Film Fest. Of course, taking a risk on ruffles could bring out your inner pirate or birthday clown, but there was nothing silly about this look. Instead, Carson looked like a hand-picked flower from Grandma’s garden. 

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 Margot Robbie is on set for the new Barbie film in a multi-coloured neon body suit with hot pink biker shorts. She also has neon yellow roller skates with matching knee and elbow pads.
Getty Images

Margot Robbie, June 28, 2022

OK, so this might not be a best-dressed celeb per se, but could we really ignore the fact that Margot Robbie’s (and Ryan Gosling’s!) Barbie costume in the upcoming film had the internet jumping with joy? No — we definitely could not because this outfit has millennials weeping with nostalgia and likely digging through their childhood toy trunks for their beloved Rollerblade Barbie doll.

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Megan Fox holds boyfriend Machine Gun Kellys hand while wearing a fuchsia metallic crop top and skirt that has a cinch all the way down the middle.
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Megan Fox, June 28, 2022 

Megan Fox, actress and noted partner of rocker Machine Gun Kelly, brought out her best fuchsia metallic fit for MGK’s Madison Square Garden after-party. She might be rocking enough shades of pink these days to rival Margot Robbie’s Barbie look, but we’re getting Y2K vibes and are definitely ready for more.

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Tracee Ellis Ross is wearing a full length, full sleeve evening gown in a golden yellow shade.
Getty Images

Tracee Ellis Ross, June 28, 2022

Celeb-of-all-trades Tracee Ellis Ross brought the sunshine in a stunning golden gown as she hosted the UK launch of her company PATTERN Beauty. As founder and CEO of PATTERN Beauty, Ross literally brightened the room while celebrating the award-winning hair care brand designed to support the beauty needs of the curly, coily and tight-textured community.

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Jessica Biel attends a fashion show in a matching black and white gingham paint suit. The blazer is open with a peek of a black bra underneath. She is also wearing a black beret and sunglasses.
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Jessica Biel, June 26, 2022 

Justin Timberlake made comical headlines after performing some terrible footwork at a DC music festival, but he and his wife Jessica Biel made up for it with their outfits at the Kenzo Menswear spring/summer show. Of course, Biel easily took the lead by making cool-girl fashion look effortless in her casually chic black and white gingham pantsuit.

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Janelle Monáe looks up to the sky while holding on the black sheer skirt she is wearing, which is attached by metal clips to a blaack tube top with leather strap details.
Getty Images

Janelle Monáe, June 26, 2022

This isn’t the first time Janelle Monáe has graced a best-dressed list, and we highly doubt it will be their last. The singer was in attendance for the 2022 BET Awards and had jaws dropping all over the place in this gorgeous sheer gown with tasteful leather details bordering on BDSM in a fashionably refined way.

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