18 Energy Crystals That Might Just Change Your Life

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Closeup of hand holding healing rose quartz

Crystals, gemstones, beautiful rocks — these precious stones are gifts from the earth and universe. In addition to being aesthetically pleasing, it’s said that these natural healing crystals can help promote good energy that benefits both mind and body. Though there’s no scientific evidence to support crystals and their spiritual, physical and mental benefits — they remain an alternative form of medicine that may still work as a helpful tool in one’s self-care routine.

With healing and spiritual characteristics assigned to each stone, being drawn to a gemstone can help remind us that we are all works in progress — these stones can act as a talisman to remind you to focus your energy on certain aspects of yourself or your life. We took a trip to House of Energy in Toronto to explore some stones and discover new tools of consciousness so we can be prepared for the next super moon or mercury retrograde. Let’s talk about energy crystals, which healing properties are assigned to them and how they can help you.

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