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AN online money exchange back and forth has confused a banking customer.

An Ameris Bank account holder claimed the bank closed their account because they’re “not a good fit.”

There are number of reasons banks will abruptly close accountsGetty

The former account holder took to Reddit to express her dismay.

She said she only had the account for about a month when she used Zelle to pay her sister $40.

The customer admits she only had $180 in her account and because of that the sister used Zelle to return the $40.

The person wrote on Reddit that “2 days later my account is frozen.”

The banking customer claimed to have went back and forth with the bank’s support team and finally the bank was able to unfreeze the account after verifying the customer.

It wasn’t over. The Reddit author said the activated card did not work, so it was another round of back and forth with the bank.

The customer said they were told to go to a branch to get a new debit card.

The author claimed after 30 minutes at the branch, they were told to come back.

The story goes on to say after three hours they got a call and was told their account needed to be closed and to come pick up their money.

The person claimed no reason was given except, “I’m not a good fit.”

Ameris Bank has over 300 branches across Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Maryland, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia.

The U.S. Sun reached out to Ameris Bank for comment.


There are a number of reasons banks may close accounts.

Credit reporting company, Experian, explained the variety of reasons which may include:

inactive or low activity

zero or negative balance

suspicion of fraud

excessive bounced checks

account policy violation

high volume of account transfers

criminal conviction

Experian said if your bank does not have your current contact information or can’t contact you when they close your account, Experian said your remaining balance is sent to your state’s unclaimed property office.


There are many stories coming shared of customers having their bank account abruptly closed.

A YouTuber shared her story how her account was closed “via email” and her money “disappeared for 40 days.”

Like many, she wasn’t given an explanation, but her story has a happy ending when the company got on a Zoom call with her.

Another customer shared their story how their account was closed “out of the blue” during the holiday season.

One banking customer shared screenshots on Reddit showing how their account was closed leaving them “freaking out.”

Banks are shutting down brick-and-mortar locations at record speeds this year.

Another Chase customer had their account closed after decades.

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